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5 Natural Spring Cleaning Products

Cleaning for spring has begun. It’s time to start cleaning up and removing the wintertime filth. While cleaning the home, I discovered five all-natural cleansers that I can’t live without. We and the environment are considerably safer with these cleansers. I don’t need to squirt the cleaner and leave the room. My home has a pleasant, natural scent; there are no artificial scents.

1. Eco-friendly, biodegradable glass cleaner • Alkaline-free
No phosphates or ammonia are used; natural substances (such as white distilled vinegar) are used in place of caustic chemicals; the recipe is concentrated, resulting in less trash being sent to recycling facilities. The concentrated, biodegradable composition works well on many different surfaces, such as:

  • Aluminum,
  • stainless steel,
  • glass,
  • windows,
  • chrome,
  • mirrors,
  • appliances

2. Natural rug and floor cleanser.

• No harmful or unpleasant fumes—even when used with other EcoSense cleansers—replaces the need for other, riskier cleaners. • No chlorine, ammonia, or other caustic chemicals.

Easily Combines With Others

You don’t have to be concerned about poisonous fumes or risky reactions when mixing EcoSense cleansers—in fact, and it’s encouraged! Even the dirtiest barbeque grills may be cleaned with a mixture, which also removes oily stains off clothing.
• No-wax surfaces • Lawn mower blades, bicycle components, cement pads, barbecue grills, car engines, garage flooring, decks, and outdoor furniture.
3. Natural deodorizer.
When used as instructed, it successfully removes 99.99% of:

Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, HIV-1 (the AIDS virus), and athlete’s foot fungus are only a few of the pathogens that may cause illness.

  • It works well on harsh, nonporous surfaces like:
  • Surfaces used for food preparation;
  • Sinks;
  • Garbage cans;
  • Toilet seats;
  • Pet habitats;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Children’s toys;
  • Changing tables;
  • High chairs;
  • Any other surface where the presence of germs or offensive smells is a problem.

The EPA has authorized the use of the proprietary broad-spectrum disinfectant compound in a range of residential, commercial, and healthcare establishments, including:

• Daycare centers; schools; nurseries; hospitals; nursing homes; food storage facilities; zoos and kennels; veterinary clinics; kitchens; restaurants; bars; cafeterias; fitness centers and spas; hotels; and medical, chiropractic, and physiotherapy offices.

4. Natural all-purpose cleaner – Leaves no sticky residues and is effective on various surfaces, not only kitchen countertops. It contains no caustic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine bleach, or other harsh chemicals. Use its natural cleaning abilities to

• Cabinets • Car interiors • Light fixtures • Artificial plants • Computers • Walls • Whiteboards • Pots and pans • Lamps • Crafts • Cabinets

5. All-purpose cleaning enhancer is natural, biodegradable, all-natural, and packed in a recyclable container.
Utilizing our oil’s inherent penetrating, non-caustic, aromatic, and solvent qualities, full strength includes 10% Tree Tea Oil.
• Pet accidents; Gum on hair; Permanent Marker; Road Tar; Tree Sap; Crayon; Paint and fingernail polish
Use a 5:1 water solution for treating pet accidents, deodorizing garbage cans, getting rid of moldy smells, refreshing bathrooms, and removing smoke or pet odor from air and furniture.
If you look at a standard home cleaner, you’ll likely see some frightening warnings.

Use in a space with good ventilation
Keep your distance from the product.
A headache, fatigue, nausea, and loss of coordination may all be brought on by excessive inhalation.

With warnings like these, it’s understandable why poison control centers around the country receive over 200,000 calls a year about home cleaning products. Ours doesn’t include any acidic substances, so you may use it with other EcoSense cleansers without worrying about dangerous gas generation.

The effects of household chemicals extend beyond the user. The air inside a home may become far more polluted than the air in even the biggest and most industrialized cities, according to the EPA, due to household chemicals and other reasons. (1)

Ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, and other recognized carcinogens may be found in many popular home cleansers. Ecosense is created entirely from natural, biodegradable ingredients and free from ammonia, phosphates, and chlorine.

1. The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality booklet from the EPA (www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/insidest.html).

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