Home Security

For home protection, a dog might be your best friend.

Alarms for intruders are not the only kind of home protection. You may make numerous more additions to your house that can deter burglars from breaking in, and many of them are extremely easy and affordable.

Securing the potential points of access is the key. This implies that doors should have tamper-resistant locks, be securely attached to their hinges, and be constructed of a sturdy, solid material (absolutely not plastic or glass). A second lock made of a very sturdy metal that you may use at night is ideal.

To make windows almost unbreakable, they should be constructed of toughened glass, ideally double-glazed. Despite being somewhat rare, window locks are beneficial for security, and you should consider installing them. Consider installing metal bars on any windows in your home that are in a location where they may be quickly and covertly accessible from the street, including basement windows.

Because criminals access homes from the rear rather than the front, it is equally crucial for your yard to be safe. This implies that your fences need to be high and equipped with some climbing deterrent (spikes or anti-climb paint can work well). Get large hedges if fences are not your thing.

Getting a dog is another option since thieves are often reluctant to trouble pets if they can help it. Put up a “beware of the dog” sign to make this tactic successful. Smaller dogs are less effective since they are not typically frightened of strangers. Large German Shepherds are ideal because of their size and strong guard instincts, making them aggressive against outsiders.

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