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What your security system can miss when it comes to home protection

Most people often feel very protected with a basic/standard home security system. Still, it’s astonishing to see how many thieves and crooks nowadays are familiar with how to get past security systems. There are a few simple, low-cost things you can do for yourself and your family that could stop that terrible robbery.

A window security gadget called Window Alert connects to windows and vibrates when someone attempts to break in. Installs effortlessly on any window. Robbers often utilize window-cutting tools that a simple security system cannot detect. The millions of lives in danger from a thief were saved because of this little window alarm.
B. Because it does what even the finest live, breathing Watchdog cannot, a home security device like the Watchdog is appropriate for protecting homes.

The Electronic Watch Dog Home Security Device, Rex’s electronic radar eyes, can “see” through thick doors, walls, and glass. And once his cord is connected, he will be available at all times for as long as it takes. The Electronic Watch Dog Home Security Device can safeguard almost any structure, including houses, flats, mobile homes, RVs, jewelry shops, factories, and warehouses. For instance, most apartment buildings lack security systems in individual apartments.

You merely enter the residence in the belief that it is secure. What a simple remedy Rex, the computerized Watchdog, was for the robbery panic.

• As the intruder draws nearer, the barking becomes more frequent.
• With the push of a button, changes from the Watchdog to the calming sounds of nature.
• Variable distance sensitivity (up to 30′) and volume control.
• Enhances your standard home security system by seeing burglars before they try to break in.

C. A mysterious circumstance There are preventative measures available!

1. The Big Jammer is a sturdy 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace that can be readily installed beneath door handles and adds extra security. flexible to suit the majority of hinged doors. End caps may be removed, so sliding glass doors can also be used. It is appealing for use indoors because of its clear baked enamel surface.

2. The alarm’s actuator is attached to the window or door, and the alarm’s base is fixed to the frame of the door or window. By opening a window or door, the alarm is set off. Excellent for any entry, but especially those tricky sliding glass doors.

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